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Cut Water Costs

Quench customers typically save 20% to 50% versus bottled water delivery. Quench bottleless water coolers filter the tap water you’re already paying for. The more you drink, the more you'll save!

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Drink Cleaner Water

A Quench filtered water cooler dispenser is like a miniature water purification plant: the good stuff (like minerals) stays in, the bad stuff (like chlorine, lead and micro-organisms) comes out!

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Protect the Environment

Replacing just one traditional office water cooler with a Quench bottleless filtered water cooler prevents as many as 2,100 5-gallon plastic jugs from entering landfills each year. It's the greener solution that saves you green!

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Take Care of Business,
Leave the Water to Quench.

Market Leaders

Quench is the largest provider of commercial water filtration systems and ice dispensers to businesses across North America. Our 45,000 customers include over 40% of the Fortune 500. We’re water experts, so you don’t have to be!

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Tailored Solutions

No two businesses have the same water and ice needs. Quench offers the broadest product line; state-of-the-art filtration, purification and sanitization technologies; and in-depth knowledge of local water conditions.

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Comprehensive Service

Quench has a dedicated, highly-trained customer service team standing behind every water cooler and ice dispenser we install. And regular check-ups and service calls are at no additional cost!

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Water Cooler Product Lines

Some of our 45,000 Customers