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Water Coolers For


Quench Me, Please!

An endless supply of clean, cold water is a necessity for any gym. Only Quench has the product array to offer a hydration station for a hundred, or a counter-top water and ice unit for just a few clients. Quench tackles the toughest installations: we can run water lines virtually invisibly, so you'll have water where you need it.

The Cleanest Drinking Water Solution

Quench uses state-of-the-art purification methods, including 5-stage filtration, UV sanitization, and reverse osmosis. And we offer coolers with antimicrobial surface protection, recessed spigots, large dispensing areas to accomodate sport bottles, even hands-free dispensing to ensure the most sanitary drinking water.

The Greener Solution that
Lets You Keep More Green

How many sustainability initiatives actually save you money?  Quench filtered water coolers help your gym “go green” and still save 20% to 50% of the cost of traditional water delivery.


Here’s What One of Our 27,000 Customers Says About Quench:

We’re constantly evaluating the environmental impact of our operations to make sure we get healthy organic food to you in the most sustainable way possible. By switching to a bottleless water dispenser, we’re eliminating the use of plastic bottles for our water storage. This particular system’s environmental impact is equivalent to planting 30 trees per year.

— Amy Levine, Boston Organics

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